(To quickly find anything, I suggest using ctrl+F to find any keywords you're looking for. I may not have everything you're looking for at the moment, but I try to supply a lot!)

Here I will be gathering any and all resources that seem legitimate and well put together. I'm not going to be practicing everything shown here, but I will provide resources on just about anything I deem necessary and on-topic.


General Witchcraft Info

->Witchipedia : This site hosts information on general witchcraft information, from things about common deities, herbs, crystals, sabbats and more. They run and update through patreon subscriptions, so feel free to help them out by following the link on their site!

->The White Goddess : This site is good for any witch of any path to find information, down to correspondences, moon phases, and more. This is a very good place for people who follow the path of Wicca or Paganism to find information. The abundance of knowledge this page is undeniable - it has been running since 2001!

General Spirit / Deity Info

->Occult World : A site dedicated to hosting information about anything and everything occult. Here, you'll get information on spirits, deities, cryptids, ghost sightings and more, all organized neatly by categories. This site is better for research involving spirits and works incredibly for witches looking to summon or work with certain spirits.

Culture/Country Specific

Information dedicated to specific countries will go here. If you have any paths that are specific to cultures you'd like me to find resources for, feel free to email me!

Mexico / Mesoamerica

->Mexico Lore : A site dedicated to teaching people about Mexican / Aztec / Mayan traditions, culture and spirits. Very helpful in finding out thoughtfully-written information.

Magickal Paths

Here's where information dedicated to certain paths will be added. Anything and everything can go here, from blood magick to otherkin!


Herbs, Crystals and Magickal Items

Pages and sites dedicated to teaching about tangible items. This includes ritual items, herbs, crystals, athames and anything physical that is used in crafts.


Magickal Forums

Here's where forums dedicated to witchcraft will reside. I will do my best to provide links to semi-active or active forums here, which may be a bit difficult. ^^"


Magickal Shops

I'll do my best to add shops that provide ethically sourced goods and accurate information. If you find that anything here isn't ethically sourced, or is appropriating from specific cultures, please let me know in an email with proof and I will gladly remove it.


Magickal YouTubers / Streamers / Podcasts

Here's where all magickal video creators / videos go! I'll happily add streamers, podcasts, and video series!

YouTube Channels

->Working Dragon Mystic (YouTube) : A wonderful youtube channel dedicated to various areas of witchcraft, Drake has around 20 years of experience in working with magick and is an excellent teacher. Mostly refers to Norse magick, Demonolatry, and Dragons. A really great source in learning to work with dragons and the dragon rulers, seeing as there isn't much on the craft. Also has good tutorials on how to make things, such as dragon oil and specific sigils. This channel has helped me quite a lot!

Twitch Streams




Magick Classes

Classes for any and all magickal things go here! If they're paid classes, I'll be listing them as such too.

->Working Dragon Mystic (site) : Here's where Drake holds classes, sells his merch and gives any and all updates.

Website Resources

For any witches looking to make their own websites! I probably won't link too much as I'm more looking to posting about magick. :o)

->FlamingText : Good for making free logos and titles/headers for sites.

->Html Color Codes : Here, you can color pick and generate color codes for your website!

If you'd like anything specific to be added here, or have resources you think should be included in this page, please reach out to me via My Email. Any and all help is greatly appreciated, as I feel everyone should be included and heard. I want to be able to find resources for anything, even right down to things that are seldom known.