Introduction to Astral Projection

What is the Astral? That's a difficult question to me, as the astral can be described in a lot of ways. Basically, it is a universe where spirits reside. It's a lot like earth in a way that it's just a big place of its own category, just it's maybe more... Eccentric, and a lot of times it can be dangerous. But it is very interesting and incredibly fun sometimes and can provide a lot of benefits for your craft, whatever it may be. Here, you can connect with deities, demons, angels, and many other things you can think of! Just always make sure you take safety precautions before contacting spirits in any way, even if you aren't astral projecting, and make sure to respect boundaries and never be rude. You never know how they'll react, and it's just generally better to be kind and respectful to any being, astral or not.

What is astral projection? From my understanding, Astral projection is when your own spirit/consciousness leaves the body and goes into the Astral plane. This body that you project can move around as you like, and can interact with the world around it. It is different from the body that you have physically, and may take on a different appearance and different abilities than what you own physically. There are two ways to do this: Consciously, and unconsciously. When unconscious, you may end up experiencing everything more vividly, though you have far less control of what you do and it is difficult to accomplish *intentionally* without meditation and extensive practice. When astralling while conscious, I've been told before that this method is known as bilocation. It is easier to control what you say and how you do things. But, it's very difficult to focus on the astral, as well as to see and experience what is happening around you. For some, especially when starting, Astral projection requres a lot of patience, focusing, and meditation. This is what I prefer (personally) and will be talking about here.

How can I start? Well, first thing's first! The astral is a really odd place, it's home to all sorts of things as I said before, literally anything you can think of resides here and it's insane! Everything is very unpredictable, so safety comes first at all times. When Astralling ( at least for the first time ), I highly recommend cleansing your room first, and then creating protective wards and sigils. You never know what you're going to come across as soon as you enter the astral, and it's always best to be safe than sorry. For now, I'll leave a few links for you to have a look at when it comes to making sigils. I'll make my own tutorials and references once I build up more pages! Also: Whatever you decide to do, please (as a favor to the earth!) make sure you're using things that are environmentally safe and responsibly sourced. Also make sure to be kind to your body, and if you have any conditions that may be affected by the cleasing choices you make, choose an alternative that you feel comfy with!

How to Make and Charge a Sigil Alternatives to Smudging Basics of Warding

Now that that's settled, I suggest doing some meditation. While meditating, you can listen to soothing music to facilitate calmness and creativity. I personally prefer songs that are slow, and either without words, or have words that are in different languages to promote focusing. You should also remove any distractions from your immediate area, and avoid bright lights. Make sure you're hydrated, fed, well rested and that you aren't sick. Sit comfortably, and somewhere soft, as your session could last a few minutes. When you begin, after short amounts of time, it can put stress on your brain and give you a slight headache. When this happens, stop and take a break! You'll be better off doing small bits at a time instead of wearing yourself out with one big session. You can always come back and practice later.

Once you are comfortable and have gotten ready for meditation, think of somewhere you want your body to sit, let your mind slowly form something you find to be ideal. This will be your starting point, or as I like to call it, your headspace. It could be under a tree, with the warm sun beaming down on you, among a field of flowers. Or it could be a dark, cool cave with crystals lining the walls, leading out to a waterfall. I recommend somewhere with an identifiable exit point, so that you are easily able to just exit your body and into where you're ready to go. Visualization is the key to making things work, I've found. The astral is partially imagination/visualization, as well as seeing and identifying what is around you. So while you're in this place, I want you to practice looking at the details, and identify everything your senses possibly can. Get familiar with this space, because it's very important. It's special and safe!

After you've finished forming your headspace, and you've taken the time to soak everything in and familiarize yourself with this space, imagine your body exiting that entrance you've made. Take your time, there's no need to rush out that door, just get a feel of what's going on! Now, feel free to travel around your home and see what is around. Get a look at the energy everything has around you, the plants, the people, the animals, and - yes - even the buildings! Everything has energy, though some of it is stronger than others. It all has a different appearance and even consistency too, depending on what it is. Take some time to practice identifying the different energy signatures. You'll find that this can be a very useful skill.

When finished, return to your established entrance, and go back inside to your headspace. It is always safest to return to your body when you finish Astral projecting, so that you can rest and recover for the next time. As an added measure, you may want to cleanse your home/room again, to make sure your space is safe in between sessions.

And there you have it! You just astral projected! A bit underwhelming as you begin, I'll admit, but as you progress and become more experienced, you'll learn a lot more and come across some exciting things I'm sure! Maybe you'll even meet some new folks while out and about, or you can try it with friends who are willing to join you. Just remember to always exercise safety first and caution, your wellbeing is always top priority.

Thanks for reading along, and I hope this helped you and answered some questions! If there is any misinformation here, or if you feel I should add more, please feel free to shoot me a message @ megameat9000@gmail.com. More pages will definitely be added here and updates will be posted on the homepage as frequently as possible!